European Coaches Won’t Make Super Eagles Great Again – Fashanu


The NFF should “seriously” consider appointing former National team players into Coaching roles of the Super Eagles and other national Teams, according to John Fashanu.

Fashanu argues that the identity of the NTs and characteristics of Nigerian players are best understood by Coaches who themselves were nurtured in the system.

He described the idea of having European Coaches lead the Super Eagles is a failed experiment and advised the NFF to look inwards.

‘I strongly believe that the NFF has to do away with the idea of hiring Foreign Coaches for the Super Eagles. It’s important to now look more to our former Players, who have the experience, and entrust them with the task of building the National team.

‘Everywhere in the world where teams are excelling, they appoint their former players as Coach and it’s for particular reasons.

“We have to stop looking at the Foreigners; white European Coaches, who don’t know the mind of the African Player,’ Fashanu told FL.


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