Enyimba Goalie Knocks Plans by LMC to end NPFL in 8 Weeks


Enyimba goalkeeper Theophilus Afelokhai says ending the league within 8 weeks after it resumes might work against the league champions, who still have five games in hand.

Afelokhai argues teams with outstanding games will be heavily shortchanged should the LMC insist on wrapping up the 2019-20 NPFL season as recently proposed.
In a chat with footballlive, the Enyimba goalie said the plan to rush matches within that period is near impossible and as such expects that more time will be required.
“Those that believe they will rush matches within that time, they know that we have outstanding matches five of them,” said Afelokhai.
“Rushing Enyimba to play those matches definitely will affect us and there will be fatigue; players will be tired.
“They will look into it again, they just said it. They will look into it again. I don’t see how that will happen.”


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