Enyimba Fc Can Still Qualify – Victor Ezeji


Former Enyimba player and also former highest goal scorer of both NPFL and Aiteo cup Victor Ezeji believes Enyimba can still scale through with hard work and determination.

I think Enyimba had a bad day because from the onset Raja Casablanca dominated the games from the start to last 90 minutes of the game.

I felt Enyimba would have come all out , throw all in their tactical strength in to the game using the advantage of playing at home to achieve a good result.

It’s disheartening to see them lose to Raja Casablanca at home, virtually everyone was disappointed at the end result of the game.

The coach did mentioned about the team being fatigued, with them having to play numbers of games within the past ten days.

I wouldn’t blame them in another aspect plying through road to and Fro to Gombe and back to Aba was not an easy one for those players i must say.

But still not of much excuses not to fight for a win because they had few days to put themselves in order before the match.

Enyimba has over thirty five players, they would have rested their key players for the CAF Confederation Cup and also let them possibly stay back in Aba to have much exclusive training and then utilized the other capable hands for the Aiteo Cup.

I have notice that the right arrangements to get things to flow in the right manner not in a muddled up form, have being a long term challenge to our football system .

When asked what was the missing link between the past set of players who won the previous CAF Champions league in the year 2003 and 2004 and this set of players of today.

The former Enyimba player said, back then we were all professional, looking at our profile as of then, virtually all of us was playing in the National Teams back then.

So we had confidence being built up and going for us, if i could recall seven matches before the end of the NPFL season then, we had already won the league , awaiting champions before the end of that season, so as to have time to prepare properly for the champions League.

From these, it showed we were ready mentally, when we had our closed Camping at Maikudi all communication gadget were limited we were focused and had full concentration then.

It was from there ,we set our minds to the winning culture , we where never scared of any opponent both home and away, no matter the unfavourable officiating we encountered, we were hell bent on winning as a team, failure was never an option to us, winning was all we knew at that time and that pushed us through to achieve that results.

Every player as at that time was out to give his best in the field of play just connect to the target of the club.

For the return leg, this is football we cannot totally write Enyimba off just because they lost the first game , if Raja Casablanca had their game switched on and Enyimba had theirs switched off in these first game , tables could actually turn and Enyimba can make it back and better in the second leg.

Football is about chances, the only way you can win games is by scoring goals which yes, Enyimba does not score much goals as they say but they have been able to retain a win with lesser goal margin .

Having lost good chances like that of the penalty blown away, they need to come out with a blast in the return leg at Morocco no matter the outcome of the match.

The chips are already down for Enyimba for the first game, for the return match there is no need to be afraid of anything rather come out fiercely to fight for victory the former Eyimba star concluded.


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