England Threat, Waldrum Confident Super Falcons will be Ready


Super Falcons head coach, Randy Waldrum, has analyzed Nigeria’s round of 16 match in the Women’s World Cup against England and sounds hopeful.

Waldrum identified key attributes that China lacked, leading to their defeat against the Lionesses.


England displayed their goal-scoring prowess in a dominant 6-1 victory over China in the group stage.

Now, they will face Nigeria, who are also aimng to secure a spot in the quarter-finals of the tournament.

Waldrum acknowledged the remarkable talent of the English team, and stressed the need for a game plan to counter the Lionesses’.

Highlighting the difference between his team and China, Waldrum key areas where the Asians lost the battle against the European Champions.

“Well they are extremely talented, with Lucy Bronze, Rachel Daly on the flanks and the way James is playing, and creating all kinds of havoc up front,” the Super Falcons coach recalled.

Russo, the whole group are all extremely talented players. We have got to come up with a game plan to change the way we saw how China played.”

“I think the one difference between us and China is that they don’t have our speed, our athleticism and our strength.

“They were organized, but, l think the physicality was too much. England was too powerful and played around them. I hope that will be a leveling piece of our team against them.

“We have much more strength, power and speed than China did. So we will put a game plan in place and utilize those strengths against England.”


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