England came First, Nigeria Never Showed Interest – Tomori


The Chelsea defender Fikayo Tomori has opened up on his decision to represent England at the senior international level over Nigeria.

Tomori was eligible to play for the Super Eagles but chooses to go with three lions after he was called up for the Euro 2020 qualifiers with Czech Republic and Bulgaria few weeks back.


The 21-year-old has now revealed that Nigeria never try to get him, and it was only England that showed interest in him and it would have been difficult to say no to them.


”I just wanted to go as far as I can and that also involves playing for the national team. ”It was a difficult choice for me.


“It was something I had to think about for a year or two and I was previously at the U-21 Euros, so I wasn’t thinking too far ahead, but then there was a lot of talk and questions and I had to make a decision.


”England called me up in September, and I didn’t get a call up from anyone when they called me up, it was hard to say no to them.”


Tomori who however still eligible to switch allegiance to Nigeria, because he not been capped by the Garrett Southgate, said he loves Nigerian culture, food and the music.


”I enjoy Nigerian music, I’m Nigerian, it’s my culture and I’m very proud of it. I enjoy the food too -pounded yam and Jollof especially.”


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