Emulate Samuel Eto’o, Patrick Pascal Advises former Nigerian Stars


Bauchi state FA chairman and Super Eagles Team Coordinator, Patrick Pascal has advised fellow former Internationals to get busy at grassroots level politics and gradually make their way to the top.

Pascal says the former players must shun the feelings entitlement to take leadership positions in the country’s football administration.

He told FL that fellow ex- Internationals who are interested in the administration of football in the country and want to take leadership roles should not expect it to be delivered to them on a platter.

‘They need to go back to their states and make impact if they want to get to the top of the chain.

‘ Elections are not a popularity contest, most especially as it has to do with football administration in the country.

‘Take Samuel Eto’o, he had an active participation in Cameroon FA even as an ex footballer, and a legend in his class, before being elected President of FECAFOOT. On the other hand, Drogba being the most popular figure in Ivorian football couldn’t get the nod to be the president of the Ivorian football administration.’

The former Shooting stars player insists football administration is not the same as merely playing the game, and those who want to assume leadership positions have to be humble enough to learn how to play the politics as well.


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