Election 2019: A call to youths to vote sport lovers into political offices


Former Ergotelis Super star, Babatunde Patrick Ogunsoto has called on sport enthusiasts and youths in the country to turn out in their numbers to cast their votes for any credible candidate of their choice during the ongoing election which is their civic duty.



Saturday March 9th has been set aside for the Gubernatorial and House of Assembly elections in all 36 states of the federation and Ogunsoto believes that as sport fans, but Nigerians first, voting remain a civil responsibility that should be carried out by all citizens.

Speaking to footballlive.ng, Ogunsoto insists that it is time to vote in the right people who will use sports development as a tool of taking youths off the streets. “I think youths especially sport lovers must take this opportunity to come out en- masse to cast their votes in order to allow trusted and credible political officers come in.

Sports is a unifying factor in Nigeria and after you have successfully voted them in we should be able to ask them their plans for the youths especially in sports which is a major and effective way of taking youths of vices.

This might sound like a cliche but if you fail to vote then you do not have any right to question or complain about who other people voted in.”

Ogunsoto who is a cult hero in Greece after playing for clubs such as Egotelis where he remains their top scorer with 85 goals, OlympiaKos Volou and Acharnaikos and others also stated that the better country everyone deserves starts with one vote.


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