Drogba identifies Nigeria’s World Cup failings as Spiritual, Cultural


African Legend, Didier Drogba has suggested the problem of Countries like Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Senegal and other African teams failing to go so far in the World Cup or winning the tournament, is the defeatist, cultural mentality.

Drogba, who represented Ivory Coast at the 2006 and 2010 and 2014 World Cups, was very prominent on the world stage at club level.


The former Ivory Coast captain was a pundit at the World Cup in Russia and in his assessment of African teams said there was need for organisation among the teams flying Africa’s flag at the World Cup.


‘We need to keep the creativity, Power and Physique of African players, but we must also be consistent. One very important thing is to also emulate the organization of experienced teams and set up our teams like so.


No African team has progressed beyond the quarter-final at the World Cup. So, when asked if the problem of African teams was Cultural, Drogba said:

‘For example, in west Africa, where I’m from, when you don’t get the result you expected, you’re like next time I’ll do better, it’s okay it is God’s will. I have this positive mentality as well, but I hate losing.

‘It is mental. I think we have to believe we can win it, not just go out and participate. We have been participating for so long,’ Drogba said on RT during the World Cup coverage.


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