Doctors Told This Borussia Dortmund Player He Would ‘Never Play Football Again’


On September 14, 2016, Borussia Dortmund’s Dario Scuderi suffered one of the worst leg breaks in football history in a Europa League game against Legia Warsaw and it looked like his career was over before it really got going.

Scuderi’s surgeon, Professor Michael Strobel, described it as the worst injury you could possibly imagine.

Photo credit : Dario Scuderi


“It [was] the worst injury you could possibly imagine,” Scuderi’s surgeon said at the time.

“Pretty much everything tore: the ligaments, all the muscle and tendons.”

It will have no doubt been a long, arduous road to recovery but after an incredible NINE surgeries and nearly 700 days on the sidelines, Scuderi finally got to experience the feeling of being a footballer again.

He took to Instagram to share what it meant to him to be back out on the pitch in Dortmund colours again.

While out of action, Dortmund paid the entire cost for him to study a sports management course and an alternative role was in the pipeline for him if he did not fully recovery.

However, he returned to training in May and his progress has gone strength to strength. His determination and fight to come back against all the odds is incredibly inspirational and hopefully he can now push for a spot in the BVB first-team.

Considering the severity of the inj
ury, this has to go down as one of the most miraculous recoveries in recent memory. Dario, we salute you.


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