Disappointed! Former Senegal star Lambasts African teams in Qatar


Former Roma and Senegal star Ricardo William Faty has expressed his disappointment with the performance of African teams in the first round of the FIFA world cup group stages in Qatar.

Responding via his twitter handle – in a post translated from french – the legend commented before Ghana took on Portugal.


Faty revealed that judging by the performance of the African teams, there is really no cause for excitement and that he is generally disappointed.


He also revealed that compared to the performance of Nigerian in 94 and 98, Senegal in 2002 and Ghana in 2010, Africa has falling behind massively and are well on course to equal the last outing in 2018 that saw no African team make it beyond the group stage in Russia.


“While waiting for the Ghana match: generally disappointed with the African teams on this 1st day.


“We are far from those teams that we have known in the past (Nigeria 94-98, Senegal 02 or even Ghana 10) which brought ‘madness’ with exciting players like Jay Jay (Okocha) or Diouf.


“The selections have certainly acquired a good tactical knowledge, due to the many players playing in the biggest clubs. But on the other hand, you lose spontaneity, dribbling. It must be said, it’s not great to see ‘our’ matches.”


Senegal fell 2-nil to the Netherlands, before Tunisia and Morocco were held to a goalless draw, Cameroon suffered a painful 1-nil defeat and Ghana lost dramatically, 3-2, to Portugal.


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