Did Shakira Place A Hex on Pique?


Former football star Gerard Piqué had a sudden mishap as he stumbled into a hole while attempting to sign a fan’s shirt.

Piqué, known for his time at Barcelona and Manchester United, was in Mexico to launch the King League Americas, a variation of the seven-a-side competition he established in 2022.


While approaching a fan with a shirt, he was engrossed in a voice note on his phone and unintentionally fell into a more than two-meter deep hole at the edge of a stage.

Fortunately, Piqué emerged unharmed, and he humorously referred to the incident as a “magic trick” on social media.

Fans didn’t hesitate to jest about the episode, with some considering it a significant “fail of the year.”

Meanwhile, fans also poked fun at the connection between Piqué and his former partner, pop star Shakira, who has recently included veiled references to their breakup in her music.

Despite not mentioning Piqué by name, the hidden messages in her song “Acrostic” hint at reconciliation and forgiveness.

In her latest single, “The Boss,” she seemingly alludes to Piqué’s nickname among his friends.

The King’s League event will feature football legends like James Rodriguez, Javier Hernandez, and Miguel Layun.


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