David Silva’s side Hustle will Leave Your taste Buds Tingling


Former Manchester City midfielder, David Silva is setting the path to his retirement from the game, but his next chapter is one that could leave you scratching your head.

Silva left Manchester City in the summer of 2020 as a four-time Premier League winner.


Despite his age, 37, he’s still making his name with assists at Real Sociedad in LaLiga, and his performances always speak for him anywhere he goes.

Thinking and planning for the future, Silva decided to chose being a winemaker over a further football career path in coaching.

The Spaniard teamed up with winemaker Jonatan Garcia to launched his own winery called Bodega Tameran, four years ago, and based in the Canary Islands.

According to Diario AS, the business is already proving ‘lucrative’ for his former international teammate Andres Iniesta, who also owns a winery.

Speaking on his winery in an interview with expansión, Silva said:

“Above all, they are wines that will tell you where they are from, you will know that they are from the Canary Islands.

“I discovered this world a few years ago in the usual way: you start going with slightly older colleagues, you try it, you like it, you become fond of it, you get to know.”


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