David Beckham’s MLS Franchise Reveal Their Name And Club Crest


David Beckham has made no secret of his desire to own a Major League Soccer side. From the moment he joined LA Galaxy in 2007, the former England captain made it abundantly clear that he foresaw a new MLS team in his own personal horizon.
After four long years, David Beckham’s MLS team has an official name: Inter Miami

Quite recently there were leaks from across the pond which purported to show the crest and name of Beckham’s MLS side, Internacional Club de Futbol Miami, with their colours which appeared to be a Miami Vice inspired black, pink and white.
We were always pretty sure that we were going to love David Beckham’s MLS franchise when it finally came into existence, mainly because who doesn’t love everything that Beckham does, and he hasn’t disappointed.
Well, Beckham’s team now has a Twitter account and it has been confirmed that those details were in fact correct. The team’s full name is Internacional Club de Futbol Miami, or Inter Miami for short.

The team’s first tweet since confirming their name was posted early on Wednesday and said:
“Four years ago, we dreamt of a soccer club.
Today, we’re proud to announce the official crest of that club.
Join us on a journey that has only just begun.
THIS IS US. THIS IS MIAMI.#InterMiamiCF #ThisIsMiami #MLS”
Beckham’s long-touted MLS franchise was finally granted a league licence at a lavish ceremony in January, and while it is expected that their permanent home might not be ready until 2021, MLS commissioner Don Garber has said that they will take to the pitch at a temporary venue as soon as 2020.
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