David and Goliath! NNL Teams will Rival the NPFL – Adesanya


Chief Operating Officer of the NNL, Emmanuel Adesanya says the gulf in quality between the division and NPFL.

Adesanya told FL that the performance of teams promoted to the NPFL has been outstanding this season, citing Bendel Insurance and their impressive run so far.

Insurance are unbeaten this season – the only team in the division – having played 11 matches (7wins, 4draws).

“We are already bridging the quality of the NPFL,” the NNL Chief argued. “Bendel Insurance just left the NNL and they are the only team now that has not lost a match in the NPFL. it is a kudos.

“Remo stars left our division and the very first season in the Premiership they represented the country (CAF Confederation Cup), and you can see what Doma United is doing you can see what Bayelsa United are doing. It’s a good thing and the NNL is truly the bridge between the leagues and the step to the premiership.”

He also spoke highly of teams promoted from the NLO and hailed the immediate impact some of the teams have had in the league.

“The transition between the three leagues has been seamless, Madiba is a very wonderful team, owned by a lady and they won their very first match and got a draw away.

“We have Smart City, we have Ikorodu City and they are good teams, and I know they will go places and get matured with time and key into what is happening in the NNL.

“I will not be surprised if one of them is in the super 8 and probably gets promoted into the NPFL.”


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