Conte Punished Mikel, forced him to leave Chelsea


Once upon a time! Mikel Obi was a first team player who later fell out of favor with then Chelsea Manager, Antonio Conte… And that’s where this Story begins.

In heeding the national call to represent Nigeria at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, the Nigeria national team captain risked it all, but he also helped another make history with the club.


In a recent interview published on the Super Eagles official You tube page, Mikel Obi revealed he was snubbed by Conte for leaving to join the national U23 team for the Olympics.


In the same breathe he maybe have hinted inadvertently helped his then national team mate Victor Moses kick star a memorable run as a Chelsea player.


Speaking on the situation, the 32 year-old midfielder recalled that,’When that opportunity came up – either to go to Rio Olympics or play for Chelsea – I decided to tell Victor Moses I’ll go and he stays back.

‘Thereafter, the Manager never spoke to me again, didn’t put me in the team and I said Okay fine, I’ll leave.’


It was during pre season and Moses, who had hitherto been on the fringes of the team after several loan spells away from Chelsea, went on to become a regular for Conte.


That run saw him establish a cult status in the Conte era, winning the EPL title and reaching the FA Cup final in the same season.


The following season, despite a difficult spell for the Manager and entire team, Chelsea managed to pick up a silverware; winning the FA Cup.


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