Confluence Queens Players to boycott Robo FC match over Unpaid Allowances


Players of Confluence Queens have vowed to boycott matches over unpaid sign on fees and other entitlements.

Confluence Queens are scheduled to take on FC Robo on Wednesday as the NWFL Premiership makes a return after Covid-19 break.


The club has been cash strapped since its main financier, the Kogi State government, reportedly suspended funds to the team.


Players are being owed several months’ salaries and could shun Wednesday’s game, “as they cannot play with empty stomach,” a team source disclosed.


“I’m not sure we will honor our next game, with the look of things in our team.


“We have not received any sign on fees for the past three years, no match bonus, the management are owing us lots of outstanding traveling allowances, we don’t have training materials, no bus.


“We’ve been training and preparing with everyday promises that things will get better but nothing yet, except the management answer us by giving us what we need, no match.


“We’ve not been paid our sign on fees for two and half seasons, even to play matches is always a problem.


“Nothing to eat and no camping. We will just go to matches like that, we are tired of this and we cannot be playing on empty stomachs,” the Source said.


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