Chukwu: Nigerian Clubs Need Improved Funding


Rangers International of technical adviser, ‘Chairman’ Christian Chukwu has advocated for improved funding of Nigerian football clubs, with a view towards better performances on the African continent.

Speaking against the backdrop of his club’;s trip to Burkina Faso to play Salitas FC in the CAF Confederation Cup, Chukwu argued that lack of funds always crops up whenever a Nigerian club is travelling. reports that Rangers lost back-to-back against Etoile du Sahel of Tunisia in their past two matches, first away and then at home, such that Chukwu reckons that North African clubs always have an edge.

He opined that the edge teams from north of the continent have is first about the availability of money and then due to the fact that they are able to keep their best players in their squads for longer periods of time.

Chukwu posited: “When the Tunisian club was coming to Nigeria, they came through a chartered flight with all machinery in place.

“Any time Nigerian teams want to travel they struggle to even carry the complete players registered for the competition in commercial flights.
“Again, Nigerian talented players are always moving to North Africa, Asia, North America and European leagues.

“If Nigerian players were well paid, they will remain here. Even foreign players will be attracted to come and play in Nigeria.
“In the 1980s when I was playing, we didn’t have issues of several of the players moving around, which affects the build up of a team.
“You cannot find that happening now because making money is the main thing on the minds of these players.”


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