Christopher urge Eagles to brace up for strong knockout round path

Former Nigeria international Justice Christopher has urged players of the Super Eagles not to dwell on missing out of a simpler knockout round pathway which was caused by the team’s 2-0 loss to Madagascar but want the players to simply brace up and rise to the challenge of plying a more tougher route to the AFCON final.
Christopher speaking in a chat with¬†¬†said the target for Nigeria’s Super Eagles now should be to correct their mistake and start winning again. Be also added that Cameroon shouldn’t be a reason to be scared because the Indomitable Lions are not doing any better themselves at the AFCON.
“The truth of the matter is the mistake has been made already and in life when you make a mistake, the best thing is to correct the mistake. Had it been we won Madagascar, we should be talking about playing one of the best losers in the first knockout round. But unfortunately things turned the other way round. On the other hand Cameroon are not doing too well. They are not better than us. So for me I think it’s a 50/50 situation.”


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