Chelsea’s fan and OnlyFans star Astrid Wett Spoiling for War


Wembley Arena hosted an impromptu fight on Saturday night between two influencers – Astrid Wett being one of them – who were not on the boxing card.

Astrid Wett has a knack for catching the eye at press conferences and weigh-ins. She regularly would make an appearance in lingerie when she steps on the scales and was infamously pied when she tried to kiss KSI.


It all started when rival, Grace Alexia, a flight attendant threw water at Wett – no puns. There and there, all hell broke loose as the Chelsea fan lost it and started throwing punches at the culprit.

While all the fighters were sat on the stage in front of the media live on DAZN, security bouncers stepped in to stop the commotion, with Wett nearly getting stripped off her clothes.

She screamed, “I am coming for you, you little f***ing b****!” – which prompted Grace to reply and say, “Get in the ring with me then!”

Astrid Wett shared footage of the fight on social media and boasted about the punches she gave Grace.

Among which she wrote: “Alexia Grace got absolutely RUINED. Don’t come at me at the press conference who the f**k even are you.


Astrid Wett.
Astrid Wett celebrates after winning the vacant MF women’s flyweight title against Andrea Bunker. (Photo by Nathan Stirk/Getty Images)

She has previously called out Grace on social media and now everything would point towards the two squaring off in the ring in the near future.


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