Salisu Yusuf (Head Coach, Nigeria)

Playing against the host who will have their fans behind them as the 12th player. It will be a good game because we all have been great and will have 11 players on each side.

We know they have great players who are very strong in the air and we will device a way to stop them. It has been a great tournament for us we have played in all venues and tomorrow we will have Casablanca added to it.

We have injuries in the team with Ikechukwu Ezenwa and Sunday Faleye but we will see how it goes. Win or lose for us the important thing is to play in the final.

We know the Morocco team will be backed by their fans but we have shown a lot of character in the previous matches.

I believe in every member of my players here because they’ve shown that they’re all ready if given the opportunity.We want to win because we deserve to be here.

Ikechukwu Ezenwa (Captain, Nigeria)

It is not going to be difficult playing Morocco because for us we have been playing away from home for like three weeks. Our objective is to win the trophy today in Casablanca.

In football you need team spirit which we have in the team so my absence will not affect the team because my deputy has done well against Sudan.

We’re ready it’s going to be a big final for both sides and we’re confident we can win the trophy. We have all been good in the tournament and deserves to be in the final.

Jamal Sellami (Head Coach, Morocco)

Today’s game is extremely important because we want to win and crown our efforts after the work we put in we deserve to win the trophy because of our efforts.

We have three players who were in CHAN 2014 and today we spoke to the players that it is a completely different ball game and the players are ready to deliver.

We will be playing against a difficult opponent but all my players are ready for the game because it is a special game for them.

Nigeria have individual players and they want to win duels but my team is prepared and we have qualities to get solutions against them.

From the beginning of the tournament we selected players based on their physical conditions and the opponents. Despite the Nigeria team being strong we have all that it takes to win and keep the throphy here.

I’m fully confident of my team but we respect Nigeria because they are good that is why they made it to the finals.

El Is leading us to the final and for him now is to show us tomorrow that he is a great striker. Harve Renard is here and he is looking at him because before the tournament many in Morocco don’t know about him.

My final satisfaction will be to win the trophy today and we are prepared for that.

Nayef Aguerd (Defender, Morocco)

Personally today will be a special game and I have faced a Nigerian club (Rivers United) before so we will be ready because we want to win.

It is clearly a different game and when you see in Africa, Morocco has the best junior team. For us we’re ready to retain the throphy here, we have experienced players who can help us.

The fans will give us more support which is not a pressure but a motivation for us. We’re a group not only the 11 players on the pitch but we play as a team.




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