Canada Facing Turmoil Ahead of FIFA Women’s World Cup


Trouble seems to be brewing in the camp of Nigeria’s FIFA Women’s World Cup opponents, Canada, as the Players have embarked on strike in protest against the cutting of funds allocated to team for the tournament.

The Canadian Soccer Players’ Association (CSPA) released a unanimous statement where players voiced their “outrage and serious worry”, about the national organization’s budget reductions.

Along with substantially reducing the amount of personnel and players allowed to participate, Canada Soccer has also restricted the number of training camp days, complete camp windows, and key young team events, decisions made as the FA deals with a great deal of ambiguity over remuneration.

The team captain, Christine Sinclair, who is also the team’s record highest goal scorer with 190 goals said, “As a team, we have decided to take job action.

“From this moment on we will not be participating in any [Canadian Soccer] activities until this is resolved – whether that’s training, whether that’s games.”

“That’s very hard to say as an athlete who wants to compete and represent Canada, but enough is enough,” she stated.


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