Can Morocco be Favorites for the CAF 2023?


Morocco became the first African nation to ever reach a World Cup Semi finals in the just concluded Qatar tournament. With their impressive performance, it is fair to consider them favorites for their next major competition in CAF.

With regard to the existing competition from teams like Senegal (defending champions), let us look at Morocco’s potential going into CAF 2024.

Note that the 2023 competition has been moved to January 2024.

Qatar World Cup Achievement

Christiano Ronaldo would have probably featured in the finals if Morocco’s defeat in the quarters. It wasn’t a lucky win against the European heavyweights, as the team also showed its rich gameplay.

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4th Best Team in the World?

Morocco did lose to Croatia, 2-1, in the 3rd place matchup, making them the 4th best squad in the competition. It is also right to consider them the best African team at the moment. 

The aspect would make them automatic favorites in the upcoming competition, proving the magnitude of their world cup performance. 

The Team’s Strength

Morocco’s gameplay surprised many, including top managers who are also opponents in the World Cup. They showed good team chemistry, entertaining their fans and pushing themselves past teams in the competitions.

Solid Defense

The most impressive trait of the North Africans was their compact defense throughout the competition. They had only conceded 1 goal heading to the semis, making it the best defense before the semis and third-place playoff. With such gameplay, they will be a tough matchup for teams grouped with them. 

Team Balance and Talent

Hakim Ziyech from Chelsea is one of the players boasting the team’s chances in the upcoming CAF in 2024. We got to see how the likes of Ziyech operate in the offense and how stars like Ashraf Hakimi support the offense as an RB. The two are just some of the Moroccan players for big European clubs. 

Azzedine Ounahi is a talent who was in the conversation for the young player of the tournament. As a midfielder, he brings balance between the defense and the offense. Spain’s coach, Luis Enrique, was among the first to comment on the midfielder’s excellent gameplay. 

Favorable Group Stage at CAF

Morocco has been matched with Ghana, Madagascar, Liberia, South Africa, and Sudan in the newly set group rules. Ghana and South Africa might provide the necessary pressure, but Morocco stands out as the favorite. 


With their performance in the World Cup, Morocco is arguably the best team in Africa and a clear favorite for CAF 2024. However, much could change within the year, including other teams upping their game. Similarly to the Qatar World Cup, it will take a lot of work.


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