Cameroonian fans stones Embolo’s family house


Cameroon-born Switzerland striker Breel Embolo was the Hero and Villain as he scored the only goal that saw Cameroon lose to the red crosses.

Embolo was born in Yaounde, however following the split between his parents, he traveled to France with his mom who was studying at that time and there she met her Swiss husband.


The following year they traveled to Basel, where the youngster started his career and eventually joined the Swiss National team.


That was the story of the Cameroonian-born striker who pierced the heart of fans by netting the only goal against them as Switzerland held on to a 1-0 victory.

Had Cameroon taken their chances in the first half they could have easily gone on to claim all three points, but they disappointed in the final third.

Breel Embolo did not celebrate his goal, and raised both hands gesturing an apology to the Cameroonian supporters.

Fans in the stadium may have understood and not held anything against Embolo, but it was a different ball game in Cameroon as videos has now surfaced of Indomitable Lions supporters trying to destroy Embolo’s family house.

In the video posted on Tiktok by user cabay_9 the fans besieged the mansion as they were throwing stones and trying to damage the property in protest.


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