CAFCC: Rivers United will not employ the dark arts against Al Nasr


Current NPFL champions, Rivers United, has stated that they will not dish off-pitch antics out on their Libyan foes, Al Nasr like Wydad Casablanca did to oust them from Champions League.

There was drama surrounding the match away from home for Rivers United, as Wydad Casablanca resorted to employing various off field antics to gain undue advantage over their foes.

Rivers United have however, stated that they will rather win fairly on the pitch, without resorting to off pitch antics and even on the pitch.

The club made it known that Al Nasr has, as a matter of fact, been given the best of treatments, good security, hotel, logistics and every kind of respect possible.

The club also revealed that the players are ready to give their all in the game, as they’ll match their opponents man-to-man, scouted them properly, played multiple club friendlies and also feel a lot motivated to win.

The sides will face off at 2pm tomorrow, wednesday.


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