Put Proactive Measures In Place Ahead New School Academic Session

The management of Buruj Sports Academy has put all necessary measures in place to ensure that players who want to combine their academic works with football development are well catered for now that the new school session has resumed all over the country.

According to the new release, young and talented players between the age of 8 and 22 are going to benefit maximally from the new and improved standards in terms of training schedules, facilities and other logistic requirements that will impact positively on their evolution and development and guarantee value for time and money.

World class trainers and coaches are also being recruited to help the young players to participate in team activities daily while they will also be exposed to competitions both locally and internationally from time to time.

The recent tour of the United Kingdom has exposed the management team to the new techniques and benefits of combining education with sports for players in such a way that both of them will not interfere with one another.

The players and officials who are part of the current trip to the UK are due back in the country in the next couple of days and will join the freshers to begin preparation for the next European tour that may take them to countries like Turkey, France,Spain, Italy, Germany and England.

Few slots are remaining to complete the squad of 23 players while both the new entrants and old guards that can show interest to be part of the team will be offered level play ground for the upcoming foreign tours.


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