Bulky Seychelles goalie Dave Mussard ‘goes viral’


Nigeria visited Seychelles on Saturday to take on the minnows in a qualification game for the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations in Cameroon and, despite picking up a comfortable 3-0 victory, the main headline from the game had nothing to do with the result.

The game had an unexpected social media star, with the Seychelles goalkeeper’s appearance getting the attention of everyone who tuned in because of his physicality.

The island nation who are ranked 188th in FIFA’s latest rankings are not a top footballing country as basketball is the number one sports in Seychelles.

In fact, the sport isn’t seen as a professional career for the players of the national team as the Vice Captain works in a bank and the Captain is a construction worker.

Dave Mussard, doesn’t look like the average international keeper and perhaps one can understand why, he is a pastry chef with Hotel Patatran on La Digue Island.

The team only train after work but never on Saturdays and Sundays as they are seen as days for recreation, relaxation and enjoyment.

Cutting to the chase, Dave Mussard has become a social media hit on Saturday as he’s bigger than most footballers.

Unfortunately, social media totally ripped into Mussard will savage comments.

Seychelles, who are bottom of qualification Group E, will take on South Africa next on Thursday, September 13.


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