Brentford 2-0 Arsenal: Onyeka gives 5-star debut performance, Thomas insists team can win more


Frank Onyeka will feel satisfied with 80minutes on his Brentford English Premier League debut, but even more for his performance on of the biggest upsets in the club’s history in the top flight.

Onyeka was one of the better players out on the pitch at the Brentford Community Stadium on Friday night when the Bees hosted another London club; “one of the greatest ever,” in the words of their Manager Frank Thomas.
Having impressed in multiple games during pre-season it was the logical thing to throw the Nigerian into the fray, they don’t come any less tense.
And like a fish to water, Onyeka took up the challenge and was as expressive as any PL veteran would be on match day.
He showed up on both the defensive and attacking ends of the pitch.
Sergi Canós (22′) drew first blood for the host in the first half as Brentford showed confidence in their play and disciplined coordination.
In the second half it took a while for the hosts to find their rhythm, but soon as they did they pressed for a second goal.
Christian Nørgaard, who had impressed in his midfield partnership with Onyeka, towered above the Arsenal defenders to head home the winner on 73 minutes.
Speaking on the significance of Brentford’s first top flight game in 74 years and the winning start to the Premier League season, Manager Thomas Frank said:
‘Crazy proud and I feel unbelievable privilege to be part of this club, these players, staff everyone and the fans, who just created an unbelievable atmosphere so what a night, what a performance.’
‘We just opened the Premier League season, world wide, and we’ve just beaten Arsenal; one of the biggest clubs ever, fair and square 2 nil and we’re top of the league, what’s not to like.’
He described the importance of Nøsrgaard’s goal and Brentford’s second:
‘We knew that we could be stronger than Arsenal on set pieces, we knew could be a threat there, so, it was a well played goal, very nice, very important because, first half we wanted to press forward, we wanted to be aggressive and in the second half it was more difficult for us. We could not produce the same intensity and that’s why we needed that second goal. We still wanted to go forward we also did do that in spells.’
The Bees Manager also praised his players for displaying the right attitude that got them all three points.
‘ I’m always constantly speaking about these four operating principles; it’s hard work, they run themselves to the ground. It’s about putting a performance in, they did that. It’s about using that unique togetherness where we play for each other, we run for each other, we fight for each other and we do that together with the fans so we really feel the creation and the last bit, Attitude and that’s why you’re confident. You believe that we can win the game, but humble, that you need to do your job and that’s just saying we are very pleased, we are very very happy and I think we should celebrate tonight, massively, but tomorrow when we wake up we’re humble, we’re looking forward there’s a next game to win.’


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