Bosso targets FIFA U20 World Cup title with Nigeria


Ladan Bosso has revealed that he aims to win the FIFA U20 World with Nigeria.

The World Cup is set to kick off on May 20, and Nigeria will take on Brazil, Italy and Dominican Republic in the group stage.


In an interview with FL Bosso revealed that winning the tournament is a conversation he even had with his players and they are working on how to reach the final and eventually with the trophy.


“Yes, of course. I have just briefed the players, we know what we’re looking for, we know what is good for us,” Bosso said.


“There’s nothing we can do that will make a difference for the provisions we’ve had. The only thing we can do to make a difference is to play the final and eventually win the trophy.”

He also revealed that he is not under pressure and they are preparing adequately just like other countries.

“So, I’m not under any pressure because the issue is the way we’re preparing is the way other countries are preparing, but we’ll all go out just as other coaches have planned. We’ll all go out and ensure we don’t disappoint Nigeria.”


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