Black players suffer in North African countries: Burkina Faso striker Aristide Bance


Burkina Faso striker Aristide Bancé has accused Egypt and other North African countries of racism and attacked management of his club Al Masry.

Bancé is currently recovering from an Achilles tendon injury he sustained during Al Masry’s 2-0 victory over UD Songo in the CAF Confederation Cup group stages.

“CAF president wanted to know why African teams like Senegal, Tunisia, Egypt did not go far in this World Cup. I would like to tell him to give a look at African football a little bit. I think there is injustice,” Bancé said in a video posted on his Facebook page.

“Africans who are playing in our continent are treated as slaves. The CAF president must look at this issue because I think too much is too much.”


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