Beautiful New Parma Kit Sells Out In 24 Hours


Parma’s new third kit is a masterpiece!

Parma are back in Serie A after a third successive promotion at the end of last season completed a remarkable turnaround for the famous Italian club: from bankruptcy and the fourth division back to the top flight in only three years.

And now they’re back it is so very clear they mean business.  Look at this third kit, we mean it. STOP READING! Just look at this beauty…we know you read that – but really LOOK.

Kit-makers Errea explained: “Parma’s new third kit is a never-seen-before combination of boldness and tradition: a charcoal grey background enriched by the dynamic, central cross in blue and yellow, with a nod to the history of the club on the shoulders.”

You must know that the kit’s popularity is about more than just its breathtaking design.

Parma, a club dear to so many in Italy, were declared bankrupt in 2015 and forced to start from scratch in Serie D under the name Parma Calcio 2013.

But three back-to-back promotions have seen the club rise from the ashes and return to where they belong in the top division of Italian football. So yes it is about boldness and tradition.

The shirt features the famous Parma cross and the traditional yellow and blue colour scheme set across a completely blacked out shirt with a monochrome badge.

Now, Parma are ‘reborn’ and we can’t disagree when they release jerseys like this.

You can see why it sold out in 24 hours, can’t you.

We still wonder why this stunner can be their third kit. How can they not play every single game in this? I don’t care about colour clashes or a traditional home shirt. Look at it! Wear it all the time please! Forever!


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