Barcelona Star Ivan Rakitic Slammed By Fans For Resurfaced ‘Homophobic’ Comment Made In An Interview


Barcelona football star has been recently slammed by fans for the recently resurfaced homophobic comment he made back in 2012.

In an interview with Spanish sports website offside mag, the Barcelona and Croatia midfielder is reported to have said

“I respect homosexuals, but I do not want those people in the locker room.

“I would not leave a team for that, because I respect a homosexual equal to a black, a fat or a dwarf, but if possible I prefer not to have gays in my life.”

Rakitić made this comment in response to a question about the Croatian Football Federation president Vlatko Markovic, who was fined in 2011 for saying that “in no way could a gay man play in the national football team” and that “unfortunately, football is only played by healthy people.”

The interview resurfaced after being discovered by renowned FIFA and UEFA accredited football journalist Chris Williams, who indicated that the Barcelona star comment had not been given proper attention when they were made seven years ago.


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