Babayaro urges local coaches to update themselves as the game evolves


Former Nigeria left back player, Celestine Babayaro has reveraled the differences between the foreign coaches and the local coaches is refusal of the local coaches to update themselves on the laws of the game as it evolves per time.

The former Chelsea defender told Brila in a chat that he is not condemning the home base coaches but affirming what is obtainable in the world of football in terms of coaching, the foreign based guys always update themselves when compare to the local coaches here.

According to him, having worked with both local coaches and the foreign managers and also played under the two categories of coaches both the home and foreign based, Cele reveals that the difference is very clear.

“I’m not against the local coaches but the foreign coaches are the best from the two categories, the foreign guys want to learn more in the job by attending courses to know more compare to the home based coaches.

“For instance, Brendan Rodgers is one man that has coached in England, went to Scotland and managed Celtic, he had not stop learning, he has gone to Holland for coaching courses to upgrade himself in every new thing concerning the job, if our local coaches can embrace such and do the same why not, they can do better than the foreign coaches” Celestine told Brila.


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