AUDIO: Exclusive interview with president of Nigeria Supporters club. Abayomi Ogunjimi A K A Bonfree


*Question* : How are doing today?

*Abayomi* : I’m fine thank you.

*Question* : Good to know three competitions at the door step of Nigerian Football talking about the FIFA Women World ,U20 World Cup and AFCON the prestigious tournament as far as African soil is concerned ,the Super Eagles will be on the battle ground live, as the President Authentic Nigerian football club supporters what do you have for this three competitions?

*Abayomi* : we are fully prepared at the Authentic Nigerian Football Supporters Club, we know that we need to be at the female World Cup in France, likewise the U20 Poland and we planning heavily for the African Cup of Nations Egypt 2019 in Alexandria, i think it’s going to be a great turn out for the Authentic Nigerian football club supporters to cheer the Super Eagles in Alexandria in 2019 AFCON.

*Question* : The three tournaments on ground the are interwoven, it’s starting 3rd night to this present hour, the FIFA female World Cup, will commence first week of next month and AFCON will kick of second week of June, how do u intend going about it?

*Abayomi* : Actually it’s going to be hectic, it’s not going to be easy for us to be in Poland, in France and then Egypt, but having said this we have chapters across the globe and we are going to try as much as possible to come out with strategic plans to divide the chapter for different tournaments and in the national headquarters we are going in a large numbers to Egypt to Nations Cup.

*Question* : You were actually in South Africa in 2013 where Nigeria won the African Cup of Nations in Johannesburg precisely you were there, you are part those who cheered the Super Eagles to victory in that faithful final against Burkina Faso, by and large we are going again. do you think we have what it takes to win again for the fourth time?

*Abayomi* : Actually with the level of their tempo in the Super Eagles now, i think you say anything is possible, at this point they can Wow the nation, because we have young talented players who doing wonderfully well in their club games, and there is a good competition within them, everybody is eager to play and they are young and fantastic players can do exceedingly and wonderfully well in the Nations Cup. My pleasure Abayomi Ogunjimi president of Authentic Nigeria supporters club.
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