AUDIO: Exclusive Interview with Kano Pillars striker Nwagua Nyima



*Question* :Your match Nassawara United ended in a barren draw what can you say about the match.

*Nwagua*: I have to thank God first, we came here for the maximum 3 points, but we ended up with a point all the same i thank God we are still grateful for the draw .

*Question* It seems to be your day, as you are celebrating your birthday how can u describe the match to you?

*Nwagua*: I really want to appreciate my colleague, because their response in the field of play was wonderful, i actually brought out my all, we fought like soldiers and we came out with a draw , i am so happy for them because they did it for me as part of my birthday wishes and also for the team.

*Question* : it’s getting more tougher by the day, your take about the Super six?

*Nwagua* : I have this to say , the men will be separated from the boys , believing the men will stand out for the Super three and the Super six assist well, it’s beginning to be come tougher and right now we are working real hard to finish first on the log. My pleasure . Thanks kola Daniel.


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