Ahmed Musa could face Major Trouble with Al-Nassr move


Ahmed Musa will be forced to spot a new, more conservative look, following his move to Saudi Arabian club Al-Nassr or risk a fall-out with the Arabian FA and Kingdom.

Musa, per Al-Nassr has signed a 4-year deal that will see him move to the Pro League from Leicester City.


#ALNASSR signed a four year contract with Nigerian left winger and former @LCFC player Ahmed Musa @Ahmedmusa718, welcome to the Global Club Ahmed!


The Nigeria international is not known for a flamboyant lifestyle, but even as a Muslim, the forward has spotted several hairstyles in recent times, which run foul of the Islamic tenets in Saudi Arabia.


In 2016, the Saudi FA fully implemented the ban of Qaza hairstyle, which is regarded as “un-Islamic”.


The decree, which went into effect on 7 April 2016, bans both Saudi and foreign players from sporting the style while playing in the kingdom.

Saudi football league player has last-minute haircut.

Supposedly inspired by one of the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad in the hadith – his book of sayings – it forbids Qaza hairstyles, which are defined as shaving part of your head but leaving other parts unshaven.


One commentator, writing in the Saudi newspaper Al-Jazirah, urged the football federation to “impose sanctions” on players whose “bizarre haircuts are imitated by their fans in schools”, per Caroline Mortimer [Independent].


At the World Cup in Russia, Musa spotted a tinted Mohawk, but will need to clean up his look before the kick off of the new season on August 9.


In 2012, a goalkeeper for Al Shabab and Saudi Arabia’s national team, Waleed Abdullah, had to have his Qaza cut off by the referee before being allowed onto the pitch during a match in the capital Riyadh.


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