Age Cheat is a Problem in Nigerian Football; U20 Coach


A case for a central database of players, both at NFF level and a t club level. Aigbogun cites players with various documents giving different ages. Surely the NFF can set up a central database of players playing locally for the clubs to update every time a player signs for or moves clubs.

Also if  player has more than one age, then he is automatically barred from playing for the national team at any level
“Explaining his decision to scout for players abroad to beef up his squad, the coach explained that age discrepancies is making it hard to pick players from teams in the NPFL”.
”Proper documentation is a big problem with players in the NPFL and generally at almost all league levels in Nigeria. This mean you’re not sure of what to expect when it comes to verifying their ages for documentation“
”Most times we drop players we’ve worked with for months and years due to issues like this. No coach will be happy working with players you’re not sure of what will happen next. It’s really hard for most of us at this level”, he concluded.


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