Africa Women’s Cup of Nations: Waldrum expresses Concern over Super Falcons Preparation


Since his appointment in October 2020 as Nigeria’s Women NT head Coach Randy Waldrum has had very limited time to work with the Super Falcons, a reason for concern he admits.

Waldrum has been in charge of the team 11 times since 2021 but insists only in the recent weeks has he really had the best players converge and be available.
He led the team during the invitational tournaments across North America and in Europe, the only sufficient time he had worked with the team for an extended period.
“I think we’ve prepared well in regards to those games,” the Super Falcons Coach explained to NFF TV. “We have to credit the president (NFF) for giving us the opportunity to play those matches and to take those trips and have those camps.
“I think the one difficulty that we’ve had a little bit in those different events in Turkey, in the US, in Canada and so forth, is that I never felt we had our entire best team there together.”
On July 4, Nigeria will kick off it’s Women’s Africa Cup of Nations campaign and the American Coach has mixed feelings about the preparation.
“So I’m a little concerned that we haven’t had the best team together at one time over the year. But it did give me an opportunity to look at a lot of young players and new faces to bring into the team, because obviously that’s going to be necessary moving forward, as this team progresses we’ll need some new young upcoming players so that part has been good.”
“But I do think in this camp we’ve had most of the top players and we’ve got ample time to get ready for the first game. So, overall I’m pleased with the past year and the preparation we had.”


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