Adriano Reveals How Boozing And Depression Ruined His Career


Brazilian forward Adriano, once upon a time, used to be one of the world’s best, showing glimpses of sheer brilliance during his time with club and country.

If you haven’t watched him at his scintillating best, then I seriously suggest a quick YouTube search – you won’t regret it.
Unfortunately for the Brazilian, his career didn’t live up to expectation. He tried to recapture those glory days at AS Roma, Corinthians and Sao Paulo, but failed to make a real impact because of injuries and off-the-field issues.

It’s well known that he suffered from depression after the death of his father, and now the Brazilian has detailed his heartbreaking problems during his time in Italy.

In an interview with Brazilian magazine R7 via Football-Italia, Adriano said:
“Only I know how much I suffered. The death of my father left me with this huge void, I felt very lonely. After his death everything got worse, because I isolated myself.
“I was alone in Italy, sad and depressed, and then I started drinking. I only felt happy when I was drinking, I’d do it every night. I drank everything I could get my hands on: wine, whiskey, vodka, beer. Lots of beer.”
Adriano then admitted that Inter Milan used to cover up when he arrived at training ‘completely drunk’:
“I didn’t stop drinking and in the end I had to leave Inter. I didn’t know how to hide it, I arrived drunk in the morning for training sessions. I always showed up, even if I was completely drunk and the medical staff had to take me to sleep in the infirmary.
“Inter told the Press I just had muscular problems.
“I later realised that the problem was the people around me, friends who did nothing but take me to parties with women and alcohol, without thinking about anything.
“By going back to Brazil I gave up millions, but I gained happiness.”


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