Adamu Ejo twelve years in Beach Soccer today.


The head coach of beach soccer coach Adamu Ejo  has completed twelve years as the head coach of beach soccer.

The first official assignment came in 2006 where he assisted late Kelechi Emetole, after the assistance with late  coach Emetole , he also assisted late Amodu Shuiabu.

He became officially the head coach of the Super Sand Eagles in 2009 and ever since he has being the head coach of the team.

He has won the Beach Soccer African Cup of Nations on two occasions, reaching the finals on five good occasions as well.

Cacoh Ejo has had five beach soccer world cup appearances and at the verge of going to the sixth world cup in Paraguay. All these mentioned are the achievements of coach Adamu Ejo.

Speaking with him exclusively he said, i thank God this is my twelve years as the coach of soccer beach team.

I have won couples of laurels , in the Beach Soccer African Cup of Nations , i have made five appearances in the Beach Soccer World Cup  and  i am about to make my sixth appearance with the super Sand Eagles in Paraguay next year.

I have discovered countless stars through my years of coaching the beach soccer team such as Isa Olawale ,Abu Azeez,  a lot of them who played in the Sand Eagles and some of them have eventually have stopped playing as well.

I give all glory to God,  i am still counting as i am still working harder to achieve more for my country.


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