Abu Azeez Aims Dig at Team after Sand Eagles Early World Cup Exit


Sand Eagles forward Abu Azeez tweeted a cryptic message after the team’s defeat and ouster from the 2019 FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup on Sunday at the hands of Oman.

The Nigerian team lost 5-6, but really the performance had been lackluster and there was obvious zero team chemistry as they fell to the lowest ranked team in the tournament.


In his tweet captioned “No need to talk sef”, Azeez put up the pictures of former players Isiaka Olawale, Ogbonnaya Okemiri and Ikechukwu Ibenegbu.



While it wasn’t explicit, the tweet could be a dig at the composition of the Eagles squad, which comprised several debutants at the world cup.


A few months before the World Cup, Azeez was critical of the state of Beach Soccer in Nigeria.



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