It was tensed atmosphere at the Villarreal stadium on Sunday as Villarreal took on Huesca in a game that ended in a 1-1 draw.

Villarreal who had the lead for 77 minutes by a lone goal against Huesca, lost it at the 78 minutes when Avril Ezequil scored to level the score in a game that eventually ended 1-1.
It is known that both teams are fighting and biting hard to come out of the relegation zone in Spanish laliga .

Speaking to footballlive.ng Samuel Chukwueze said he was disappointed with the scoreline and said the team must do better to keep themselves in the Spanish top flight.

“It was a shocking one for me, because I thought we had the victory already until a shot from our opponents pulled them level.

“It was really disappointing for us, because we managed to cart away with a point , our opponent were tough, it was more like a War zone for us yesterday. The pressure was high, the match was on a high tempo, because both side knew what is at stake , it didn’t matter whether we were playing at home or away, what both sides were looking for was the three points.

For the remaining matches, it is a fight to finish in a better position, any slight error throws us back to the second tier league, which will be so disappointing.


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