A Big One! Greenwood Facing Sanctions in Getafe


Manchester United loanee Mason Greenwood may find himself facing scrutiny after being spotted enjoying a meal at Burger King with his father.

Despite his coach at Getafe, José Bordalás, imposing strict dietary rules on players, Greenwood and his dad Andrew made a pit stop to grab two Burgers after training in Madrid.

According to Bordalás, players are weighed daily, and fines are imposed for excess weight.

This situation arises as Greenwood, 22, was loaned to Getafe this summer after facing charges that were subsequently dropped, including attempted rape.

Despite some challenges, the Forward seems content at Getafe and is eager to stay in Madrid, where he has received a warm welcome from both players and fans.

It’s worth noting that Manchester United is still believed to be covering the majority of his £75,000 weekly wages.

In addition to adapting to a new club and league, Greenwood has been under the spotlight for off-field issues, but his performance on the pitch remains important.

With one goal and one assist already, he’s keen to make a positive impact at Getafe.

Despite some adverse reactions from rival fans in Spain, he’s striving to leave a lasting impression at his loan club and continue his development as a footballer.

The support he’s received from both the Getafe squad and the fans has contributed to his optimism about his stay in Spain.


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