5 days to go for Elections into NFF board


This is a last card of presidential endorsement. Two candidates are seriously flaunting their candidacy waiting to be so honoured.

The presidential villa is favourably disposed to both and that is where the buttons will be pressed. Whose connecting is strongest? We will wait and see.

If a letter emanates from the Villa on the eve this election, it nails it. If not, the delegates stay loyal to their conscience.
How loyal can the delegates be? Has money got a role to play? Who will enter Katsina with a bullion van? These are the questions waiting for quick answers.

If Pinnick Amaju emerge the president he will the first president in the history of Nigeria football to do two tenure . He is close to be the president by circulation . He got the financial muscle than other candidates who are contesting the chances of others contestants are very very slim .the power of incumbent shall be prevail in the election.

Now lets come to the ZONES.

Who has the bragging rights in the zones ?

South South

Amaju Melvin Pinnick will get sympathy vote from this zone. The two candidates know that just one, will be in the board so they will want to stay loyal to any among the three key actors that offer a better deal. It is obvious that the Cross Rivers state FA chairman Aswald Atueke holds sway. He has built a steady relationship with the powers that be and understands the politics well after loosing to Chris Green four years ago. As for Emnanuel Ibah of Akwa Ibom state, he will need to wash his feet first before swimming. It is a tough tie but Otueke might just nick it.

North west

This seem a gala bite for Sharif Rabiu Inuwa, the Kano state entrant. He seem certain to eat his cake as the sole candidate from that Zone. The other contestant from that zone is mallam Ibrahim Gusau who is gunning for the position of chairman of chairmen. So it is as good as saying Ahlan is back to the board.
South West

Otunba Dele Ajayi has ventured on to higher grounds so that leaves the farm for Majekodunmi Ganiyu alone to sow and harvest. It is therefore safe to say or announce that for the very first time in a long while an Abeokuta man will be on the NFF board. Congrats sir for coming in unopposed.

South West – Who gets the VP

Now this contest on paper looks easy for Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi. This one, will be decided only by where the pendulum shifts in the presidential contest.

Photo credit : Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) 1st Vice President, Barrister Seyi Akinwunmi

A lot will happen too behind the scene. Unfortunately, both yoruba brothers will be working against Ogunjobi’s victory as president because that automatically scuttles their chances. They will be the most hardworking on the day. They must stick to their guns and hope.


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