2026 WCQ: Brito Sets Sights on Victory Against Nigeria


Zimbabwe’s coach, Baltemar Brito has expressed his team’s determination to secure victory against Nigeria in their upcoming 2026 FIFA World Cup qualifier.

The Warriors are set to face the Super Eagles at the Huye Stadium in Butare today.


Brito emphasized that at this level, every team plays with the intention of winning, and Zimbabwe is no exception.

Despite acknowledging Nigeria’s strength, Brito stated that Zimbabwe would come into the match with equal strength and determination to secure a positive result.

The coach highlighted the significance of the match for both teams in the qualifiers, and he expects a competitive encounter between Zimbabwe and Nigeria.

“At this level, all opponents play to win. Even we [Zimbabwe], will play for a win against Nigeria.

“People will expect revenge from Nigeria because they drew their first game[against Lesotho].

“But they are not playing against a small or weak nation. They will come strong, but we will come strong too. We are here to face them,” he said via ZIFA media handle.


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